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Getting Started with Rental Car Manager - Videos Included

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Getting Started with Rental Car Manager

The Getting Started with Rental Car Manager (RCM) guide walks you through the process of setting up RCM so that you can start using the system.

Here is a link to the guide Getting Started with RCM Guide.

The topics discussed in this document are kept brief as possible so that you can start using the system as quickly as possible. The objective is not to teach you every single detail but to familiarize you with the basic principles and the way the program works.

There are many more features available in RCM but these are the minimum required to get yourself up and running with the system.


The following Knowledge Base article will describe some of the major areas of functionality within RCM to allow you to get the most out of your RCM system, Getting the most out of RCM.


There are also two appendices in this guide.


Appendix A - Field Definitions contains definitions of all the fields in the Rental Car Manager pages tackled under this guide, arranged per page and, then, according to their order of appearance on the page. You can refer to Appendix A when performing maintenance operations in Rental Car Manager.

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