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The Vehicle Maintenance Menu

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The Vehicle Maintenance menu

The Vehicle Maintenance Menu details the different submenus under the Vehicle Maintenance menu (see Fig. 1) in Rental Car Manager.

Fig. 1. The Vehicle Maintenance menu


The Vehicle Maintenance menu is the place to go to add and maintain your fleet of vehicles.  There are also options to enter and maintain your vehicle servicing records, print fleet reports,  and print vehicle registration due reports.

Like the System Setup menu, setup and maintenance of the various submenus within Vehicle Maintenance may depend on your company's setup, thus we recommend a thorough review of your operations so that pertinent information related to your vehicle fleets are entered within this part of Rental Car Manager.


Within Vehicle Maintenance, you can set up the following information:


The above list of sections correspond to the the various Vehicle Maintenance submenus, of which some are composed of two or more tabs.


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