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Q: Can we set up different seasons for Agents ?

Reference Number: AA-00332 Views: 2535 Created: 2011-05-16 04:21 Last Updated: 2011-12-21 11:21 0 Rating/ Voters

A: You can only have one set of seasons.  These apply to all bookings in the system.


You can however have a unlimited number of seasons - see example below.


Season A 1st November to 15th November

Season B 15st November to 1st December

Season C 1st December to 15th December

Season D 15th December to 30th December


In this example for non Agent Bookings  you may have the same rates for Seasons A and B and C but for Agents could have different rates for Seasons A , B and C.


Note that your seasons must be unique and not overlap.


For more details, see Seasons on the System Setup User Manual.