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Q. How do I use Item Tracking?

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A: RCM allows for the the tracking of additional items that are provided in the vehicle at the time of hire. Examples of such items would be GPS units, child seats, ski chains ... etc.  

Whenever a vehicle is hired any additional items supplied must be identified by the unique item no#  and correspondingly when the vehicle is returned the items status must be updated to show the item has been returned with the vehicle.  If it is not returned with the vehicle it must be flagged as 'Lost or Damaged' allowing the operator to charge the customer accordingly.

The locations of individual items are tracked as vehicles are hired and returned to the same or a new location.  Only items that are currently available in the hiring location will be available for selection. Using the item maintenance function you can update the items 'current' location at any time, otherwise it will always be set to the return location of the last hire. 

To track items you must first set up the inventory of item groups and the items belonging to these groups. The steps below describe the setup process and how an item is selected at the time of hire and return.

Adding Item Groups

Item Groups allow you to group items together, for example you may have two groups called "GPS Units" and "Baby Seats". You may have as many Item Groups as required.

1. Click on the Vehicle Maintenance Menu and then the 'Extra Items' icon. Select the Item Groups Tab and click on 'Add a New Item Group'

2. Type in the name of the Item Group and click on the Submit button.


Adding Extra Items

Extra Items are the actual items that are provided in the vehicle when it is hired. Each item you add belongs to an Item Group.  You may have as many Items as required.

1. Click on the Vehicle Maintenance Menu and then the 'Extra Items' icon. Select the Extra Items tab and then click on 'Add a Record'.

2. The Item No can be a serial number or an alphanumeric description. It should uniquely identify this particular item. You may also optionally enter a description or a barcode and cost. Click on Submit to add the new Item record.


Linking Extra Items to your Extra Fees

When you hire out a vehicle with for example a GPS unit, you click on the Extra Fee to charge the customer for this service. To track this item, you must link the extra fee to an Item Group. (see above). This will force the operator to then select the appropriate item when the vehicle is checked out.

1. Click on the System Setup Menu and then the 'Extra Fees' icon. Select the Extra Fee for which you require item tracking.

2. Select from the drop down list for the Trackable Item field the Item Group this fee belongs to and then click Submit to Update the fee.

Checking out a vehicle that has an item to be tracked.

If you have followed the steps above the next time you hire out a vehicle with a trackable item, the system will require an item no# to be selected at the time of hire.

1. When hiring out a vehicle on the Extra Fees screen select a fee that is trackable. For example the selection of the 'Baby Seat' fee below.

2.  Click on the Submit button to move to the next booking screen.  (see below)  To proceed past this screen the operator must select from the drop down list the baby seat supplied with the booking.  Note that the drop down list will only show items that are available in the pick-up location.

3. Once the vehicle is hired you can enquire on this item and booking from the Item Enquiry and Update tab under Enquiries.  See screen shot below.

4. When the vehicle is returned the operator must then set the status of the item to be 'Returned' to complete the vehicle return.  If the item is not returned then the status must be set to 'Lost or Damaged'. See below.