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Q. I added agent rates but they are not being displayed to my Agent or when making a booking.

Reference Number: AA-00377 Views: 2418 Created: 2011-07-22 13:45 Last Updated: 2011-12-20 16:23 0 Rating/ Voters

A.   To use Agent Rates either from  RCM or through your Agent Web Module your Agency record must be linked to a valid Agency Rate Type.  See Fig 1 below.

Fig 1. Making sure your Agent record has an Agent Rate Type selected.

Below is a summary of the steps required when setting up agent rates..  Please check these to ensure you have correctly setup your agency rates..

1. Adding a Agency Rate Type

  • Click on the System Setup menu
  • Click on the Agencies icon.
  • Click on the Agency Rate Type tab and add the required Agency Rate Type - see Fig 2 below.

Fig 2.  Agency Rate Type Screen

2.  Add the Rates for the  RateType

  • Click on the Agency Rates Tab
  • Select the Agent Rate Type added in step 1 and then add the rates for this rate type.
  • Ensure that you add the rates for the required locations and categories of vehicle and season. See Fig 3. below.

Fig 3.  Agency Rates

3.   Add the Rate Type to the required Agency

  • Click on the Agencies Tab.
  • Select the Agency required and edit the record.
  • On the Agency Rate Type field select from the dropdown list the Rate Type for this Agent.


Fig 4.  Selecting the Agent Rate Type for an Ageny

4. Now when you select this Agent during a booking the Summer Agent Special rates will be used. See Fig 5 below.

Fig 5.  When making a booking in RCM select the Agency from the drop down list