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Rental Agreement Template

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The Rental Agreement Template

Editing the Rental Agreement Template

The Rental Agreement Template

Rental Car Manager allows you to define a Rental Agreement Template for your company which is provided to a customer when they rent a vehicle. Note that only the lower half of the rental agreement can be customised as the upper half of the rental agreement contains information on the rental vehicle, customer, pickup and drop-off dates. This information cannot be changed on the Rental Agreement (see Fig. 1).

Fig. 1. Sample Rental Agreement Template.


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Editing the Rental Agreement Template

To edit the Rental Agreement Template navigate to the Rental Agreement Template page (System Setup > Rental Agreement Template), see Figure 2.

To view a getting started video of editing your Rental Agreement, click here; Editing Your Rental Agreement.

Fig. 2. The Rental Agreement Template editor


Using the template editor you can define a Rental Agreement Template, edit an existing template or delete a template entirely. To use HTML tags when formatting the template, click Source (see Fig. 3).


Fig. 3. Using HTML in the agreement template editor


NOTE: To avoid potential problems with your layout do NOT cut and paste content from formatted files such as Microsoft Word documents. 


Once you have finished editing the template click Submit to save your changes and close the template editor (see Fig. 4). The template changes will take effect the next time you print a rental agreement.


Fig. 4. Click Submit to save the template


NOTE: The fine print legal terms and conditions are normally pre-printed on the reverse side of standard A4 paper and loaded into the printer as pre-printed stationery. The template defined in Rental Car Manager is then printed on the front side of the rental agreement.


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