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1. Standard Quotation Template

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The Standard Quotation Template

Customizing the Standard Quotation Template



 Standard Quotation Template

The standard quotation shows the fees to be paid by customers when they make a booking. The information on the quotation is taken directly from data entered in Rental Car Manager when making a quotation for a customer.


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Customizing the Standard Quotation Template

The text displayed on the upper and lower sections of the standard quotation, before and after the booking information, can be customized through the Standard Quotation Template tab in the Quotation Templates program within the System Setup menu. 


Only users with access level set to Head Office can define or modify the Standard Quotation Template.


The Standard Quotation Template tab is open by default when you click Quotation Templates.

To edit the Standard Quotation Template firstly navigate to the Standard Quotation Template page (System Setup > Quotation Template).

From the Standard Quotation Template page you may edit the template to suit your needs (see Fig. 1). 

Fig. 1. The Standard Quotation Template editor


Note that the template editor has two sections, one at the top of the page and the other at the bottom. The text entered on the upper part will appear on the upper half of the standard quotation while the text on the bottom part will appear on the bottom half.


To use HTML to format the text, click Source on any of the two sections (see Fig. 2).

Fig. 2. Click Source to use HTML to format the Standard Quotation Template


NOTE: Do NOT cut and paste content from other formatted documents such as Microsoft Word as the formatting will not copy across. 


Once you're done editing the template, click Submit to save your changes


The next time a quotation is printed, it will contain the updated text that you defined under the template editor.


However, if you have a quotation template defined for a location, the updated standard quotation will not be used until you've deleted the quotation template for the location.


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This article details the Standard Quotation Template tab, where information on booking fees is set up and shown. Unlike other maintenance screens in RCM, only users with access level set to Head Office can define or modify the Standard Quotation Template.


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