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1. Vehicle Update

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Vehicle Update tab

View the vehicle records for a location

Add a vehicle to a location

Edit a vehicle record

Delete a vehicle record

Change a vehicle's registration number

Add a Manual Service for a vehicle

Field descriptions

The functionality on this page has recently changed - click here to see a summary of the changes

 Vehicle Update tab

Before you can book reservations you must define rental vehicles for your locations. The vehicle categories, models and types are all used when adding your fleet's vehicles to a specific location

After adding vehicles you can change a vehicle's registration number and add or edit the maintenance services that have been performed on a vehicle.


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View the vehicle records for a location

First navigate to the Vehicle Update page (Vehicle Maintenance > Vehicle Update).

From the Vehicle Update page select the location you want to view records for and click "Select" (see Fig. 1). You may also filter records by Vehicle Type, Category, Year, Availability, Registration, Fleet and VIN number.

Fig. 1. View by location

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Add a vehicle to a location

To add a vehicle to a location click "Add Vehicle" (see Fig. 2). 

Fig. 2. Click "Add vehicle"

This will open the Add a Vehicle page where you can set up the new vehicle (see Fig. 3).

Fig. 3. Add a Vehicle page


NOTE: Virtual vehicles are dummy records used to temporarily hold bookings. They are not physical vehicles and are normally used when swapping bookings between vehicles or if you are not sure which vehicle to use for a booking. Bookings against virtual vehicles are displayed in yellow on the Booking Sheet.


NOTE: For information on each field found on the Add a Vehicle page see Field Descriptions.

Once the fields for the new vehicle have been filled click "Submit" to save the new vehicle. 


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Edit a vehicle record

This can done by clicking on the Rego in red and the Access Details button. Note you still have the option to change a vehicle's registration. See screenshot below.

Rego - Vehicle Related Maintenance 

By clicking on the vehicle's rego in red, this is where you will be able to update all relevant fields such as PM services, Rego Expiration and RWC/COF Dates etc. When making updates, always click Submit to save changes.

Access Details

The most commonly used features here is the Vehicle Log, Change Rego, Manual Services and Images. See screenshot.

Change Rego

Select the "Change Rego" button, and you will be brought to the screen as shown below. Enter the new registration number and click Submit to save changes. 

For more information see the link here. Vehicle Update Changes


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Delete a vehicle record

To delete a vehicle click the red rubbish bin button corresponding to the record you want to delete (see Fig. 5).

Fig. 5. Click the red rubbish bin in red

To confirm deleting the vehicle click "Yes" on the confirmation message. 

NOTE: If a vehicle has a current reservation or a reservation with a status of hired it cannot be deleted from the system. Reservations or bookings must be completed before the vehicle can be deleted. Deleting a vehicle will not remove the vehicles booking history. Deleting a vehicle only removes the vehicle from the current fleet and moves it to the Deleted Vehicles List. Once a vehicle is deleted it cannot be moved back to the active fleet. 


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Add a Manual Service for a vehicle

To add a Manual Service for a vehicle click on "Access Details", then at the bottom click the "Add Manual Service" button corresponding to the record you want to add the service to.

This will open the Add a Service page where you can select the Service Type that the vehicle underwent (see Fig. 9).

Fig. 9. Add a Service page

Once the Service Type has been selected click "Submit" to open the New Service page (see Fig. 10).

Fig. 10. New Service page


A. Enter the vendor who will perform the service. The vendors list is defined on the Fleet Manager page.  

B. Enter the name of the manual service to be performed on the vehicle. 

The remaining fields are optional. 


NOTE: For information on the fields found on the New Service page see Field Descriptions.

Once the New Service page has been completed click "Submit" to save the record. 

NOTE: Manual Service refers to unscheduled services that are performed on a vehicle rather than preventive maintenance services.  


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Field descriptions

Add a Vehicle field

Name Required field (Yes/No) Description
 Virtual Vehicle Yes 
Virtual vehicles are dummy records used to temporarily hold bookings. 

Registration No

Yes The vehicle's registration number.
Registration State Yes
The state where the vehicle was registered. 

Fleet No. No 
The vehicle's fleet number. 

Engine No. No 
The vehicle's engine number. Normally used for vehicle identification.

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) No
The vehicle's identification number. Normally used for vehicle identification purposes.

Chassis No. No
The vehicle's chassis number.
Normally used for vehicle identification purposes.

Key No.

No The vehicle's key number.
Transmission No
Specifies the vehicle's transmission type (i.e. automatic and manual).

Fuel Type No
Specifies the vehicle's fuel type (i.e. petrol and diesel).

Radio Code No
The security code required when a radio is installed in a vehicle. It ensures that radios cannot be removed or stolen and used elsewhere without the entry of the correct radio code.

Year No
The vehicle's year of manufacture.

Colour No
The vehicle's colour. 

Fuel Capacity No
Specifies the capacity of the vehicle's fuel tank. The value can either be in 
litres or gallons, depending on the rental operator's country of operations. 

Current Mileage No
The vehicle's current mileage in terms of 
kilometres travelled.

Image Name No
The name of the image to be uploaded for the vehicle. The image name must not have any spaces. If this field is blank the image entered for the vehicle's category is used instead.

Grade No
The vehicle grade. Should not be more than 5 characters in length. The vehicle grade allows you to grade your vehicles based on their condition. Alternatively the grade can be a code that you can recognize such as MAS for (M)anual, (A)irconditioned, and (S)edan.
Category Yes
The category to which the vehicle belongs to. The vehicle category determines the daily dollar rate of the vehicle when hired.
Type No
The type of the vehicle. 

Model Yes
The model of the vehicle. 

Owning Location Yes
The vehicle's home location

Currently Located Yes
The vehicle's current physical location. The system updates the Currently Located field when a vehicle is returned to a location

Date on Fleet No
The date the rental vehicle becomes available for booking.

Date off Fleet No
The date the rental vehicle is taken off the fleet and becomes unavailable for booking.

Registration Expiration Date No
The expiry date of the vehicle's registration. 

COF (Certificate of fitness) No
The expiry date of the vehicle's certificate of road worthiness. The description for this field depends on your country (e.g. in Australia RWC stands for Road Worthy Certificate). 

Utilize Yes
Set whether the vehicle is included in utilization reporting.
Utilize From Date (available only when adding records) Yes
Controls the date from when the vehicle will be included for utilization reporting purposes. Only applies when initially adding the vehicle to the system.

Available for Booking Yes
Set whether the vehicle is available for booking.
PM Base Mileage No
The initial mileage for scheduled periodic maintenance.

PM Base Date No
The starting date for scheduled periodic maintenance. The entry is optional and is only used when setting up Fleet Manager and entering the first maintenance record. 

PM Schedule Category No
The preventive maintenance schedule category of the vehicle.

Notes No
Enter any additional notes about the vehicle.


New Service fields

Name Required (Yes/No) Description
 Vendor Yes 
The name of the vendor performing the service.

  Service Date No
The date the vehicle was serviced.

The expiry date of the vehicles certificate of road worthiness. The description for this field depends on your country (e.g. in Australia RWC stands for Road Worthy Certificate).

Reg Date No 
The expiry date of the vehicle's registration.

Authorized by
The name of the person who authorized the service.

Service Name Yes
The name of the service. 

Total Cost No
The cost of the service.

 Labour Cost No
The cost of labour for the service.

PO# No
The purchase order number for the service.

Invoice # No
The invoice number for the service.

Service Mileage No
The mileage of the vehicle at the time of the service.

Close Service Yes Set by default to No. Set this to Yes when you want to close the service record, meaning that no further updates can be made to it.
Service Notes No
Additional notes about the service.


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