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Update Vehicle Current Status

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Update Vehicle Current Status Tab

To Update a Vehicle Record



Update Vehicle Current Status Tab


Rental Car Manager allows you to directly update a single vehicle's status from the Update Vehicle Current Status submenu (see Fig. 68). However, the items that can be updated from this submenu are limited to the vehicle's cleaned status, current fuel level, current mileage, and current location


This program is normally used by your car detailer or cleaner.  It allows essential information relating to cleanliness, fuel level, mileage and location to be updated before the vehicle is hired. The 'cleaned' status is also displayed on the Vehicle Activity Report allowing the counter operator to confirm that the car has been detailed and ready for hire.


Fig. 68. The Update Vehicle Current Status Submenu


The vehicle record to be updated should already have been added to Rental Car Manager from the Vehicle Update submenu. To know more about adding a vehicle record to Rental Car Manager, see Vehicle Update.


A more complete update of vehicle status can also be performed from the Vehicle Update submenu.


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To Update a Vehicle Record


1. Click Vehicle Maintenance.


2. Click Update Vehicle Current Status.


3. Enter the vehicle's registration or fleet number (see Fig. 69). The registration or fleet number should have been entered into the system when you added the vehicle to Rental Car Manager.


Fig. 69. Enter the Registration or Fleet Number


4. Click View (see Fig. 70).


Fig. 70. Click View to Search for the Registration or Fleet Number


5. On the Update Vehicle Current Status page (see Fig. 71), you may:


Fig. 71. Update the Vehicle Status


A. Select Yes if the vehicle has been cleaned. 


B. Set the current fuel level to whichever is applicable.


C. Set current mileage based on the vehicle's odometer.


D. Set the vehicle's current location


6. Click Submit to save the changes (see Fig. 72).


Fig. 72. Click Submit to Save the Changes

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This article details the Update Vehicle Current Status tab, where updates on vehicle's current status is set up. The Update Vehicle Current Status screen allows you to edit and update vehicle current status records.

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