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Registration / Inspection

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Registration/ Inspection tab

View vehicles that require updating of registration/inspection information

Update a vehicle's registration/inspection information

Registration/Inspection tab

Rental Car Manager allows you to update a vehicle's registration/inspection information from the Registration/Inspection page (see Fig. 1). Registration information includes the vehicle's registration expiry date, road worthy certificate expiry date, grade and mileage.

Fig. 1. Opening the Registration/ Inspection page

The vehicle's registration/inspection information should already have been added to Rental Car Manager from the Vehicle Update page. For more information about adding a vehicle record to Rental Car Manager, see Vehicle Update.


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View vehicles that require updating of registration/inspection information

1. Click "Vehicle Maintenance".


2. Click "Registration/Inspection" (see Fig. 1).


3. On the Registration/Inspection page (see Fig. 2), you may search for a record by:

  • A. Location
  • B. Vehicle category
  • C. The vehicles can be listed according to both registration and RWC dates, registration date only, RWC date only, and electric WOF date. You can also include all dates and order the the vehicles by either their registration number or fleet number
  • D. Date
  • E. Select to display vehicles that are marked as off fleet
  • F. Select to display vehicles that have utilization enabled
  • G. Select if you want vehicles that are available for booking to be shown

Fig. 2. Criteria for displaying vehicles


4. Click "View" to display the vehicle records per your search criteria (see Fig. 3).


Fig. 3. Vehicles matching search criteria


After the vehicle records are displayed onscreen, you can now update the vehicle's registration/inspection related information. 


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Update a vehicle's registration/inspection information

1. Search for the record/s that need to be updated (see View vehicles that require updating of registration/inspection information).


2. Click the registration number, which is highlighted in red, of the vehicle you want to edit (see Fig. 4). The registration number should have been entered into the system when you added the vehicle to Rental Car Manager.


Fig. 4. Click the registration number to edit a record


3. On the Vehicle Update page (see Fig. 5), you may:

  • A. Enter the date when the vehicle's RWC, or Roadworthy Certificate, was issued.
  • B. Enter the updated registration expiration date.
  • C. Enter the vehicle's grade.
  • D. Set current mileage based on the vehicle's odometer.
  • E. Enter additional info or notes, if any, about the vehicle.

Fig. 5. Update the vehicle status


4. Click "Submit" to save the changes.


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