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Fleet Finance Report

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Fleet Finance Report Tab

Generating a Fleet Finance Report

To Generate a Fleet Finance Report

To Print a Fleet Finance Report



Fleet Finance Report Tab


The Fleet Finance Report summarizes the financing costs for your vehicles.


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Generating a Fleet Finance Report


A fleet finance report can be printed under the Fleet Finance Report submenu in Vehicle Maintenance (see Fig. 212).

Fig. 212. The Fleet Finance Report Submenu


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To Generate a Fleet Finance Report


1. Click Vehicle Maintenance.


2. Click Fleet Finance Report.


3. On the Fleet Finance Report page (see Fig. 213):


Fig. 213. Enter the Search Criteria


A. Select a location.


B. Select a vehicle category. 


C. Filter the report by current fleet or deleted vehicles.


D. Filter the report by all vehicles, by vehicles available for booking, or by utilized vehicles only.


E. You may order the report by category, date on fleet, fleet number or year. 


4. Click View to display the records that meet your search criteria onscreen (see Fig. 214).


Fig. 214. Click View to Display the Search Results


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To Print a Fleet Finance Report


1. Generate a fleet finance report (see To Generate a Fleet Finance Report).


2. Click the Printer icon (see Fig. 215) to display a printer-friendly version of the report.


Fig. 215. Click the Printer Icon to Generate a Printer-Friendly Version


3. Print the report using your browser's Print function.


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This article details the Fleet Finance Report tab, where information on the financing costs for your vehicles is generated. The Fleet Finance Report screen allows you to view or print Fleet Finance Reports.


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