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1. Cash Receipts

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Cash Receipts tab

Post additional payments to a closed reservation


Cash Receipts tab

The Cash Receipts tab allows you to process additional payments for a closed reservation, a closed reservation is a reservation that has a balance of 0 and has been marked closed from the reservation payments page.


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Post additional payments to a closed reservation

1. Open the "Reservations" menu.

2. Click "Cash Receipts".


3. By default, the Cash Receipts tab is open. Enter the reservation number of the closed reservation (see Fig. 1).


Fig. 1. Enter the reservation number


4. Click "Submit".


5. On the next page a list of Extra Fees will be displayed. From this page you can select Extra Fees to add to the closed reservation, enter the quantity of Extra Fees and enter the Rate for Extra Fees (see Fig. 2).

Fig. 2. Select Extra Fees to add to a closed reservation

6. Once the additional fees have been selected click "Submit". The payment page will then be opened (see Fig. 3):

A. Select the location where the payment was made. 

B. Select the payment type, if the payment will be made with a credit card you can enter the card details or use the card saved against the booking by clicking the credit card icon.

C. Enter the date of payment.

D. Enter the amount to be paid by the customer.

E. Enter the payment reference number if applicable.

F. Select whether the payment has been received or not.

Fig. 3. The Cash Receipts payment page


5. Click "Submit" to post the additional payment to the closed reservation.


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