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2. Vehicle Activity Report By Region

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The Vehicle Activity Report by Region is very similar to the Daily Activity Report except that it allows you to group pickups and drop-offs by region. Included in the report are the reservation number, date, time, vehicle, registration number, customer, colour, any extra items supplied and arrival or departure details. 

From the report, you can update a reservation and change the status to hired or returned thereby checking out or checking in the vehicle directly from the report. When you have finished the check out or check in process the activity report will automatically refresh and display only the remaining pickups and drop-offs. This is the most efficient screen to process scheduled pickups and drop-offs from across a selected region.  

You may also change the renting customer, and view the notes attached to each pickup or dropoff. For unallocated bookings, you can also allocate a vehicle directly from this report.

Accessing the Report 

Reports > Vehicle Activity Report > Vehicle Activity Report By Region


The date range parameter applies to the pickup and dropoff dates, the Pickup List will show bookings with a pickup date within the selected date range. The Dropoff List will show bookings with a dropoff date within the selected date range.


Select a region to view vehicle activity for or select all regions

Date Range

Enter a date range to view vehicle activity for

Vehicle Categories

Select a vehicle category to view activity for


Order the results by the selected field


Select Current Activity to view bookings with a status of reservation, select all activity to view allbookings including hired and returned

Pickup and Dropoff List

Select whether bookings with a pickup or a dropoff date within the selected date range are shown

Exclude Balance

Include or exclude the booking balances in the report

Include Notes

Include or exclude booking notes in the report

Non-revenue & maintenance bookings

Select to display non-revenue & maintenance bookings in the report


Below is an example of a generated Vehicle Activity By Region report.


Some fields are specific to the Pickup List or Dropoff List, for example the Change field (change customer) is only available for the Pickup List.


Reservation number


Reference number


Update the booking details

Change (Pickup List only)

Change the booking customer


View booking notes


The booking’s status (reservation, hired etc)

Pickup/ Dropoff

The booking pickup/ dropoff location


The date and time the vehicle is being picked up or dropped off

No. Days

The length of the booking in days


Vehicle category


Registration number of vehicle

Currently located (pickup list only)

The current location of the allocated vehicle


The vehicle’s colour

Item Supplied

Extra items (GPS, booster seat etc)


Customer name


Customer mobile number

Arrival/ Departure

The customer’s arrival/ departure number (flight number, ship number etc)

Date Booked (pickup list only)

When the booking was created

Last Rental/ Next Rental

The details of the next/ last booking that the vehicle is allocated to

Daily Rate

The daily rate for the booking

Rental Value

The total rental value of the booking


The remaining balance of the booking

Points to Note

Regions are groups of locations, for example you could have all Sydney locations under a region named Sydney. For more information on Regions see the Regions knowledge base article.

To view vehicle activity for a location you can use the Vehicle Activity Report.


Click Here for details on how to print or export a report from RCM.

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