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3. Collection and Return Point Report

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The Collection and Return Point Report will include any bookings that have a collection and/ or return point entered on the booking. The collection and return points indicate where the vehicle is to be physically be picked up or dropped off and will generally differ from the pickup and dropoff Location.

For example, a vehicle may be reserved out of the location ‘Airport’ but the collection point could be at an Airport Hotel.

This report is often used by a delivery or pickup driver who needs to know the exact location of collection and return.


Accessing the Report 

Reports > Daily Activity Reports > Collection and Return Point Report


The report will only show collection points and return points for reservations with the selected Pickup Location

For example, if you select the pickup location ‘Airport’ and a reservation has a pickup location of ‘Airport’ and a dropoff location of ‘City Office’, only the pickup collection point will display.

Pickup Location   

Can be run for ‘All Locations’ or a Selected Location.   

From (Date Range)   

Will show reservations where either the pickup or dropoff date is in the selected date range.   


Below is an example of this report when it has been run.

The report has 2 sections, the Collection Point List, and the Return Point List

Clicking on the reservation number will allow you to view the Booking Details screen.



Reservation number


Reservation status

Pickup (displays in Collection Point List)

The pickup location date and time

Dropoff Date (displays in Return Point List)

The dropoff location date and time

Customer Name

Name of the customer. If the customer is associated with a company, the company name will display below the customer name.

Collection Point (displays in Collection Point List)

Collection point entered on the reservation

Return Point (displays in Return Point List)

Return point entered on the reservation


The vehicle category


Fleet number of the vehicle

Item Supplied

Any extra items supplied with the vehicle

Arrival (displays in Collection Point List)

Customers arrival details

Departure (displays in Return Point List)

Customers departure details

No Travelling (displays in Collection Point List only)

Number of people travelling in the vehicle



Click here  for details on how to print or export a report from RCM.