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5. Send SMS Reminders

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The Send SMS Reminders page allows you to send SMS reminders for pickups and dropoffs. By default, it displays the next day’s activity allowing you to easily send SMS reminders a day before the due pickups and dropoffs. The format and content of the SMS sent is controlled by the SMS Template Setup in the System Setup menu. 

Accessing the Report

Reports > Daily Activity Reports > Send SMS Reminders


The report can be run for either Pickups or Dropoffs for the date range.

Pickup Location

Can be run for ‘All Locations’ or a Selected Location.


Category of the Vehicle

Pickup/Dropoff List

Select to run the report by Pickup date or Dropoff Date

Pickup/Dropoff (Date Range)

Will display reservations in the date range selected. This will depend on whether the Pickup List or Dropoff list (above) was selected


The example report below has been run by ‘Pickup List’.

To send the SMS, Click (tick) the ‘Send SMS’ checkbox to select the booking(s)to which the SMS will be sent, then click on the ‘Create SMS Pickup Reminders’ button.  

The following screen will be displayed. 

The message text that displays for Pickup and Dropoffs is edited from the SMS templates page (link to SMS setup article below).

You can edit the Phone number and Message as required.

Click on Send to send the SMS(s).



Reservation number


Reservation status


Pickup location date and time


Dropoff location date and time

No Of Days

Number of days on hire


Vehicle Category


Vehicle Registration number


Customer Surname

Mobile Number

Mobile Number

Send SMS

Send SMS Checkbox


Points to Note

When sending SMS, the system defaults to the mobile phone number entered in the mobile phone field of the reservation record. The mobile number can also be overridden and entered manually if required. If a mobile phone number has not been entered on a reservation, the reservation will not appear in the report list.   

Using this feature will require registration and pre-paid credits to be purchased – How to do this is explained as part of the SMS Text Message setup.

If you are interested in using this feature, please contact RCM.

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