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Vehicle Availability Report

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The Vehicle Availability Report is a good tool for determining availability of vehicles on a selected date and time. It provides details of the last and next reservations for the vehicle and shows how long the vehicle is available for before its next booking. It also gives you the added functionality of updating the vehicle status, creating new reservations and moving reservations from one vehicle to another.

Note that this report does not take into account vehicles required for unallocated bookings.

Accessing the Report 

Reports > Daily Activity Reports > Vehicle Availability Report


Pickup Location or Region

Can be run for ‘All Locations’ or a Selected Location.


You can run this report for “All Categories” or for a specific Vehicle Category.


Select whether the location applies to the current Location, or last dropoff location  

Date and Time

The report will include all vehicles available from the Date and time selected    


The report will show all vehicles that are available on the date and time you selected. 

Once you have run the report, you can perform other functions by clicking on the Update, Book and Move buttons as follows:  


‘Update’ allows you to change the mileage and Location, along with changing the cleaned status of the vehicle.  


Clicking on ‘Book’ will open a new reservation form to create a reservation for the vehicle.


‘Move’ allows you to move a booking to a vehicle.  



Vehicle category associated with the booking


Vehicle model


Registration number of the vehicle associated with the booking


Vehicle fleet number


Vehicle grade

Vehicle Cleaned

Has the vehicle been cleaned – Yes/No

Current Location

Current location of the vehicle

Current Mileage

Current mileage of the vehicle

Last Reservation Dropoff

The details of the previous rental for the vehicle allocated to this booking will be displayed here. The information includes the drop off location, date and time.

Next Reservation Pickup

The details of the next rental for the vehicle. The information includes the res#, pickup location, date and time.

Days Available

Number of days between the report date and the next pickup

Points to Note

The report does not take into account vehicles required for unallocated bookings.

Clicking on the Red reservation number in the ‘Next Reservation Pickup’ column, will display the booking summary for the next booking.


Click here for details on how to print or export a report from RCM.