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Daily Receipts

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The Daily Receipts report displays all receipts for the selected date. Receipts are generated for any payments made for a reservation using any tender type, including cash payments and on account payments. This report can be useful for viewing all payments made throughout a single day.

Accessing the Report 

Reports > Daily Receipts


For the Tender Type parameter, On Account tenders are defined through the Tender Types page in System Setup, the Cash only Tender Type will only show receipts for payments made with tender types that aren’t setup as On Account.

See the Tender Types knowledge base article for more information on Tender Types.  

Payment Location

Select a location or region to view receipts for


Select a brand to view receipts for (receipts will only be shown for bookings made with the selected brand)

Report Type

Select whether you want to generate a detailed report or a summary, see the examples below to view the differences between detailed and summary


Either include booking notes or exclude them from the report

Tender Type

View receipts for payments made by the selected tender types

Payment Date

The report will only show receipts for payments made on the selected date


Select how the receipts will be ordered in the report



Two examples of the Daily Receipts report are shown below, one is with the Report Type parameter set to “Detail” and the other is with Report Type set to “Summary”.




If the Report Type is set to Summary only 3 fields will be displayed;

Payment location

The location where the payment was processed

Payment Type

The tender type used for the payment


The amount payed

If the Report Type is set to Detail more fields will be displayed;


The name of the operator who processed the payment


The reservation number of the booking linked to the payment

Unallocated Res#

The unallocated reservation number if the reservation is unallocated.


The reference number

Date Time Entered

The Date and Time the payment was recorded against the booking


The payment reference number if applicable


The name of the customer (payee)


The vehicle category and registration number


The amount payed

Points to Note

To view receipts over a longer period the Monthly Receipts Report can be used instead of the Daily Receipts report.


Click Here for details on how to print or export a report from RCM.

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