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Reservations Due Closed Report

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The Reservation Due Closed Report is an efficient way to identify and close finalised bookings. 

The Reservations Due Closed Report displays the details of all reservations that are due to be closed for vehicle returns over the selected date range.

A reservation can only be closed when it has a ‘Returned’ status and a balance of zero.

Closing a reservation stops any further updates or edits to the record and allows the rental revenue to be recognised in the sales reports as the reservation is considered final. Once closed, reservations can be re-opened if required by head office users, through the reopen contract option in the reservations menu.

Accessing the Report 

Reports > Daily Activity Reports > Reservations Due Closed Report



Pickup Location

Can be run for ‘All Locations’ or a selected location.

Return Date From

By default, the report will display records with a date range equal to the previous month or you can enter a specific date range. 

OR Last Name/Company

Allows for searching for a particular customer or company

Account #

Allows for searching by company account number


The report will show bookings with return dates in the selected date range where the booking is in a ‘Returned’ status, and the booking has not been closed.

Bookings with a zero balance, can be closed by clicking on the green tick in the Close Res column. You can also update the booking by clicking on the ‘Update’ button in the Update column.


Res #

The reservation number – click on the red reservation number to view the booking summary


Click on the ‘Update’ button to open and edit the reservation


The payment reference number

Dropoff Location

The location where the vehicle will be dropped off

Dropoff Date Time

The vehicle dropoff date and time


The vehicle registration number


The company the customer is associated with (if applicable)


The customers full name


The agency that booked the reservation (if applicable)

Payment Type

The payment type for the reservation


The remaining amount to be paid for the reservation

Close Res

A green tick will display if the reservation can be closed – not available in print friendly version


Click here for details on how to print or export a report from RCM.

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