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1. Fleet Status Report

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The Fleet Status Report displays the vehicles in your fleet along with information about the status of the vehicles. The report is normally used to 'stock take' the fleet at a location as it can be printed in a format that can be attached to a clipboard. This can then be used to check that the information within RCM matches the information physically shown by the vehicle in relation to the Actual Vehicle Location, Actual KM's and Cleaned Status.

Printing this report allows you to physically inspect the vehicles at a location and record information that does not match what is saved within RCM. You are then able to update the vehicle information by using the update button in the Fleet Status Report.

Accessing the Report 

Reports > Daily Activity Reports > Fleet Status Report


The following list of parameters can be used when running this report.


Can be run for ‘All Locations’ or a selected location


You can run the report for “All Regions” or a selected Region


You can run the report for “All Categories” or a selected Vehicle Category.

Vehicle Status

You can choose one of the following statuses to report on:

  • Available for Booking
  • Available or on Non-Revenue Hire
  • Unavailable for Booking


The following image shows an example of this report after it has been run.


The following table contains a description for each of the fields which appears in the report results.


The Vehicle Category of the vehicle


The model of the vehicle


The registration number of the vehicle.


The Fleet# of the vehicle


The colour of the vehicle

Currently Located

Where the vehicle is currently located according to the information in RCM.

Actual Location

A Blank space where you can record the actual location of a vehicle if it is different to the value in the Currently Located field.

Odometer Reading

The current mileage that has been saved against the vehicle within RCM.

Actual Kms/Mileage

A Blank space where you can record the actual mileage if it is different to the value in the Odometer Reading field.

Vehicle Cleaned

States whether the vehicle has been flagged as clean or not.

Actual Vehicle Cleaned Status

A Blank space where you can record the actual Clean status if it is different to the value in the Vehicle Cleaned field.

Next Pickup

Information about the next booking for this vehicle. The information includes pickup location, date and time.

Update Status

You can click on the Update Status button if you need to update the status of the vehicle.

From this screen you can update the Cleaned flag, current location, and current mileage.

Points to Note

You are able to update the vehicle status directly from the Fleet Status Report by clicking on the Update Status button. From this Update Vehicle Current Status screen you can update the Cleaned flag, Current Location, and Current Mileage.


Click Here for details on how to print or export a report from RCM.