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New Booking Report

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The New Booking Report displays new bookings for the selected locations and date range. This can be useful for viewing booking numbers for certain periods (e.g. week during school holidays vs. standard week).

Accessing the Report 

To open the New Booking Report follow the steps below:

Reports > New Booking Report


The table below describes parameters that can be used when generating the New Booking Report.

Pickup Location/ Dropoff Location

Select whether the location and region parameters apply to Pickup Location or Dropoff Location


View new bookings for a selected location


View new bookings for a selected region, a region may consist of a number of locations


View new bookings made under the selected brand

Booking Date

Bookings made within the selected date range will be shown in the report


Select a vehicle category

Apply Pickup Date Range

Select this option and select a date range to view new bookings with a pickup date within the selected date range

Exclude Extra Fees marked as Bond

If this parameter is selected any extra fees that are marked as a bond will not be included in the report


The image below shows an example of the New Booking Report after it has been run.



Booking Number

Converted From

The quotation number of the quote that the booking was converted from if applicable


The vehicle category allocated to the booking


The registration number of the vehicle allocated to the booking

Pick Up

Pick up location, date and time

Drop Off

Drop off location, date and time


The customer’s name and company name if applicable

Date Booked

The date and time the booking was made

Booked By

The operator who made the booking

# Days

Length of the booking

AVG Rate

The daily rate of the booking

Rental Value

The booking value based on AVG Rate and the length of the booking,

AVG Rate multiplied by # Days

Insurance Value

The fee charged for the selected insurance

Extra Value (Inc insurance)

Total cost of Extra Fees including insurance fees

Total Value (Inc Sales Tax)

The total value of the booking including Rental Value, Insurance Value and Extra Value

Balance Due

The balance remaining for the booking that needs to be paid 


The source of the booking


The Agency who the customer made their booking through if applicable


The country the booking was made in

Points to Note

If a large number of bookings are found the report results may be split into separate pages, you can switch between pages from the bottom left of the report. 

You can also click on report field headings to sort results by the field that is clicked on.


Click Here for details on how to print or export a report from RCM.