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2. Operator Sales Report

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The Operator Sales Report displays reservations made by operators. This report is useful in tracking an operator’s bookings and may contribute to tracking KPI’s and individual sales targets.

The report can be run for all operators, or individual operators and can be filtered by Booking Status. It also breaks down the revenue into rental sales, extras and insurance.  

Accessing the Report 

Reports > Daily Activity Reports > Operator Entry Report > Operator Sales Report


The table below describes the parameters that can be changed when running the Operator Sales Report

Pickup Location

Can be run for ‘All Locations’ or a selected location.


Select ‘All Operators’ or an individual operator

Booking Status

Choose from All Bookings, Hired (include Returned), Reservations only or Returned only

Date Entered/Pickup Date

The report can be run by the date the booking was entered, or the booking pickup date


The report will show all bookings that have been entered by the Operator for the period and the booking status selected.


Res #

The booking number – click on the Red booking number to view the booking summary


The vehicle category associated with the reservation


The customer associated with the booking


The pickup location/ date/ time of the booking


The dropoff location/ date/ time of the booking

Date Booked

The booking date

Booked By

The operator who made the booking in RCM


The source of the booking


The agency associated with the booking if applicable

Rental Days

The number of days rented

AVG Rate

The average rental rate

Rental Sales

The rental revenue

Insurance Sales

‘Insurance’ sales revenue

Extra Sales

‘Extra Fees’ sales revenue

Total Sales

Total sales amount

Points to Note

When ‘All Bookings’ is selected, the report will include unallocated bookings, the report does not include cancelled or maintenance bookings.


Click here for details on how to print or export a report from RCM.

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