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3. Operator Sales By Source

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The Operator Sales by Source Report displays bookings made by operators grouped by source or campaign code.  The report shows the number of bookings made and the percentage of bookings coming from each source or campaign.

The report is displayed in summary format but can be fully expanded to show the booking details of bookings associated with each source or campaign code.

Accessing the Report 

Reports > Daily Activity Reports > Operator Entry Report > Operator Sales by Source tab   



The table below describes the parameters that can be changed when running the Operator Sales by Source Report

Operator Location/Pickup Location

The report can be run for the Operator Location, or the Pickup Location


Select ‘All Operators’ or an individual operator


The report can be run by rental source or campaign code.

Date Entered/Pickup Date

The report can be run by date entered, pickup date or dropoff date


The report will show summary details of each Rental Source or Campaign Code for the selected operator for the period.




The name of the operator

Rental Source/Campaign Code

Click on the red campaign or rental source to view the reservations for the source/campaign code

No. Contracts

The number of contracts per source/campaign

% of Contracts

The % of total contracts per source/campaign

Total Sales

Total amount of sales by source/campaign

Clicking on the red Rental Source/Campaign code, will further expand to show the individual bookings for the Rental Source/Campaign Code

Points to Note

The report includes allocated and unallocated bookings but does not include cancelled or maintenance bookings.


Click here for details on how to print or export a report from RCM.

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