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1. Booking Status Report

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The Booking Status Report displays bookings along with the status of the bookings and other various details. This report can be useful when you need to view all bookings with a certain status.

Accessing the Report

To access the report, follow the steps below:

Reports > Booking Status Report


The following table describes the parameters that can be changed when generating the Booking Status Report.

Pickup Location

Select a location to view bookings for


Select a region to view bookings with a matching pick up region, regions may consist of multiple locations


View bookings made under the selected brand

Booking Status

View bookings with a status matching the selected booking status (e.g. reservation, hired, returned etc)


Select whether to show all bookings, bookings made by an agent or bookings that aren’t made by agents

Balances owing only

Select this option to only view bookings that have a remaining balance (booking is not fully paid for)

Date range

Select whether the date range applies to pick up date, dropoff date or date closed

Order by

Select a field to order the bookings by


The image below shows an example Booking Status Report.


The following fields are displayed in the Booking Status Report.


The reservation number


The reference number


Click to update the booking details


The status of the booking (e.g. reservation, hired, returned etc)


The vehicle category allocated to the booking


The registration number of the vehicle allocated to the booking

Fleet #

Fleet number of the vehicle allocated to the booking


The name of the customer


Company name if applicable

Pick Up

Pick up location, date and time

Drop Off

Drop off location, date and time

Booking Total

The total cost of the booking

Balance Due

The balance owing on the booking

Credit Card

If the booking has a credit card saved against it this field will show Yes

Points to Note

If a large number of bookings are found the report results may be split into separate pages, you can switch between pages from the bottom left of the report. 

You can also click on report field headings to sort results by the field that is clicked on.


Click Here for details on how to print or export a report from RCM.

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