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2. Cancelled Booking Report

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The Cancelled Bookings Report displays all of your cancelled bookings for a specified date range. It allows you to view bookings that have been cancelled by certain agencies, have the same cancellation reason, have the same pickup location or have the same rental source.

You can also view booking details from this report and see the total value of cancelled bookings as well as the total cancellation fees.

For more information about cancelled and deferred bookings, click here. This article also explains the new feature on how to run a report based on Pickup Date, Booking Date or Cancellation Date. 

Accessing the Report

To access the Cancelled Bookings report follow the steps below:

Reports > Booking Status Report > Cancelled Bookings


The following table describes the parameters that can be changed when generating the Cancelled Bookings report.

Pickup Location

The booking pickup location


The agency which cancelled the booking

Cancellation Reason

The reason the booking was cancelled

Rental Source

The source of the booking (e.g. online booking, repeat customer, phone etc)

Date Range

Select a date range and whether the range applies to Pickup Date, Booking Date or Cancellation Date


Select what field to sort the results by


The image below shows an example of the Cancelled Bookings report after it has been run.


The table below describes the fields that are shown in the Cancelled Bookings report.

By clicking on the reservation number in the Res.# column you can view the details of the booking.


Reservation number


Reference number


Vehicle category


The customer’s name


The customer’s email address


The country where the booking is located

Pick Up

The pickup location and date

Drop Off

The drop off location and date

Booking Value

The total value of the booking including rental value, extra fees, insurance etc

Cancellation Fee

Fee charged for cancelling the booking


The amount that the customer has paid for the booking

Date Booked

The date the booking was created

Booked By

The operator who created the booking


The agency that made the booking if applicable

Date Cancelled

The date the booking was cancelled

Operator cancelled

The operator who cancelled the booking

Cancellation Reason

The reason for cancelling the booking


Click Here for details on how to print or export a report from RCM.

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