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Future Rentals

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The Future Rentals Report displays the number of vehicles booked over a specified future period, grouped by vehicle category. This lets you see how many vehicles are being utilised on each day in the date range as well as the total utilisation over a selected date range.

Accessing the Report 

To access the Future Rentals Report follow the steps below.

Reports > Future Rentals Report


The following table describes each of the parameters that can be changed when running the Future Rentals Report.

Current Location/Region

The location where the vehicle is currently located, if a region is selected it will overwrite the location

Owning Location/RegionWhere the Vehicle is originally located

Non Revenue Bookings

Select this option to include non-revenue bookings in the report

Date Range

Select a date range, the report will show how many vehicles will be used over each of the days in the date range

Category TypeCategory Types, including additional features. Eg - Baby Seat

Note : Under "Select Vehicle", you can either choose "Current Location/Region" or "Owning Location/Region".


The following image shows an example of the Future Rentals Report after it has been run.


The following table describes each of the fields that is found in the Future Rentals Report.


Vehicle category

No. of Vehicles

The number of vehicles in the category


Each day is displayed as a separate column that contains the number of vehicles being used that day

Total Days Booked

The total number of days the vehicles belonging to the vehicle category are booked for (this number can be more than the total days displayed if multiple cars are booked)

Booking % of Total

The percentage of the total bookings that is made up of bookings of a vehicle category

Days Available

The total number of days that the vehicles in a vehicle category are available for booking


The utilisation rate for each of the vehicle categories

TotalThe total number of all vehicles available for every date
Util RateThe utilisation rate for all vehicles for every date


Click Here for details on how to print or export a report from RCM.

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