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Reservation Logs

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The Reservation Logs Report displays the record logs for a reservation over the specified date range. You can also view the record log for a specific reservation by entering the reservation number.

This can be useful for viewing what changes have been made to bookings on certain dates.

Accessing the Report 

To open the Reservation Log Report follow the steps below.

Reports > Daily Activity Reports > Reservation Log Report


The table below describes the parameters that can be changed when running the Reservation Log Report.

Operator location

The location of the operator who created the reservation


The operator who created the reservation

Date range

If a reservation was updated or changed within the selected date range it will be displayed in the report


Enter a reservation number to view a log for that reservation


The image below shows an example of the Reservation Log Report after it’s been run.


The table below describes each of the fields displayed in the Reservation Log Report.

Res #

The reservation number

Pickup Date

The pickup date of the reservation

Dropoff Date

The drop off date of the reservation


The operator who created the booking


The action performed on the booking, e.g. updated, cancelled, hired etc

Date Updated

The date and time the booking was updated


Will show “Sent” if an email confirmation was sent after the booking was updated


The booking rate if the rate was updated


Other changes, e.g. insurance, fuel cost etc


The details of the changes made to the booking

Points to Note

Note that currently the Reservation Log Report does not display unallocated bookings. To view unallocated bookings, see the Unallocated Booking/ Quotation Report. This report will not show a log of updates for unallocated bookings.


Click Here for details on how to print or export a report from RCM.

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