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2. Cash Receipts Report

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Rental Car Manager allows additional charges to be added to a reservation after it has been returned and closed. Examples of this are when a late infringement notice, or speeding fine is received or when damage is not noticed at the time of the vehicle’s return.

Posting of additional payments to a closed reservation is done from the Cash Receipts page. For more information, see Relevant Links

The Cash Receipts Report shows additional payments that were posted to closed reservations as well as payments that were updated after the reservation was closed.

Accessing the Report 

To access the Cash Receipts Report follow the steps below.

Reports > Monthly Financial Reports > Receipts Audit Report > Cash Receipts Report


The table below describes each of the parameters that can be changed when running the Cash Receipts Report.

Operator Location

Display payments made by operators at the selected location

Date range

Display payments that were entered during the selected date range


Below is an example of the Cash Receipts Report after it’s been run.


The table below describes each of the columns displayed in the Cash Receipts Report.


The operator who entered the payment


The reservation number of the booking the payment was entered against

Date Entered

The date the payment was entered/ updated

Payment Type

Details of the payment/ changes made to the payment (tender type, amount & date)


Click Here for details on how to print or export a report from RCM.

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