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The Monthly Receipts Report allows you to view the total payment amounts you’ve received over a selected date range. You can also filter the payments displayed by payment location/ region and tender type.

The Monthly Receipts Report gives you an overview of the amounts you’ve received per tender type, however, if you require a more detailed breakdown there is an option to view each individual payment made. This can be done by changing the report type to “Detail”.

Accessing the Report 

To access the Monthly Receipts Report follow the steps below.

Reports > Monthly Financial Reports > Monthly Receipts Report


The table below describes each of the parameters that can be changed when running the Monthly Receipts Report.

Payment Location/ Region

Only include payments made at the selected location, if a region is selected then the location is overwritten.

Report Type

Select the display type for the report;

  • Summary – Only show the total amounts for each tender type
  • Detail – Show each individual payment

Tender Type

If a tender type is selected, then only payments made using that tender type will be included

Payment Date Range

Only payments made within the selected range will be displayed

Order by

Order the displayed payments by the selected attribute (reservation number or payment date)


The images below are examples of the Monthly Receipts Report after it’s been run in “Summary” mode and “Detail” mode.




The table below describes each of the fields shown in the Monthly Receipts report.

Summary view

Payment Type

The tender type used when the payment was made


The amount payed, either per tender type (summary mode) or per individual payment (detail mode)

Detail view


The tender type used for the payment


The operator who entered the payment into RCM


The reservation number of the booking that the payment was entered against

Unallocated Res#

The reservation number of the unallocated booking that the payment was entered against (if applicable)

Reference #

The payment reference number (reference number regarding RCM)

Customer Name

The name of the customer who made the payment

Pickup Date

The booking pickup date

Dropoff Date

The booking drop off date


The category of vehicle hired out for the booking

Reg #

The vehicle’s registration number

Payment Date

The date the payment was made

Payment Ref#

The reference number given by payment provider (e.g. DPS)


The amount paid


Click Here for details on how to print or export a report from RCM.

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