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1. Agencies Commission Report

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Agencies Commission Report
Generate a Agencies Commission Report
Print an Agencies Commission Report
Export an Agencies Commission Report to Excel

Agencies Commission Report

The Agencies Commission Report shows the commissions and payments due to or from your agents. It will help you identify the following situations:

  • When an agent takes no payment from your customer at the time they sell the booking.
  • When an agent takes part payment from your customer at the time they sell the booking.  
  • When an agent takes full payment from your customer at the time they sell the booking.


The report has four buttons available for each booking printed.


  • Payment Button:  Used when you owe the agent their commission (no payment or taken by Agent at time of hire)
  • Receipts Button:  Used when you receive a payment from an agent (agent took more than their commission at the time of hire)
  • Invoice: Used to print an Agent Invoice detailing the amount of money paid or is payable to the Agent.
  • Delete Button: Used to delete a recorded payment from an Agent.

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Generate an Agencies Commission Report

To generate an Agencies Commission Report first navigate to the Agencies Commission Report page (Reports > Monthly Financial Reports > Agencies Commission Report), see Fig. 1.


Fig. 1. Opening the Monthly Financial Reports page


On the Agencies Commission Report Report page (see Fig. 2):


A. Select a location, by default the location is set to your default location.

B. By default, the report is set to compute commissions for all of your agents. You may select a specific agent and have the report compute the commission for only the selected agent.

C. Select a region.

D. Select whether you want to show records with balances owing only or all balances. 

E. Select a vehicle category type. 

F. Select a category type. 

G. The booking date range is set to the current system date by default. You may change the date range to view records for the defined date range.


Fig. 2. Agencies Commission Report options


Click View to generate the report (see Fig. 3).


Fig. 3. Generated Agencies Commission Report


Once you generate the report, you can print it and export it to Excel. 


NOTE: Table 1 shows descriptions of each column found on the Agencies Commission Report.

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Print an Agencies Commission Report 

Generate an Agencies Commission Report (see Generate a Agencies Commission Report).

On the Agencies Commission Report page, click the Printer icon to display a printer-friendly version of the report (see Fig. 4).

Fig. 4. Printer friendly report


Print the report using your browser's print feature.

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Export an Agencies Commission Report to Excel 

Generate an Agencies Commission Report (see Generate a Agencies Commission Report).

After generating the report, click the Excel button (see Fig. 5).

Fig. 5. Click the Excel button to export

After clicking the Excel button the spreadsheet file will be downloaded. 


Once the spreadsheet file has been downloaded you may navigate to your downloads folder on your computer and open the spreadsheet file in Microsoft Excel (see Fig. 6).


Fig. 6. An Agencies Commission Report open in Microsoft Excel



Table 1. The Agencies Commission Report column descriptions

Column NameDescription
Res.#The reservation number
Un. res#The unallocated reservation number
Ref.#The reference number
Date BookedThe date the booking was made
AgencyThe name of the agency
BranchThe name of the agency's branch that handled the booking
Agent NameThe name of the agent
CityThe city the vehicle was hired in
RegionThe region the vehicle was hired in
Operator BookedThe name of the operator who handled the booking
Hirer NameThe name of the customer
CategoryThe vehicle category
VehicleThe vehicle that was hired
PickupThe pickup date and time
DropoffThe dropoff date and time
# DaysThe number of days the vehicle was hired
ExtraTotal of all extra fees charged excluding Recovered Expenses and Bond Fees
Total BookingTotal amount to be paid for the booking
Comm. Booking ValueThe amount from the booking for which the agent can earn a commission
Comm. (% or $)The commission due to the agent, either in percentage or dollar value
Comm. ValThe amount of the commission
Agent CollectedThe amount collected by the agent
Balance OwingThe balance of the amount to be paid to the agent

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