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5. Agent Direct Booking Report

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Agent Direct Booking Report

To Generate a Agent Direct Bookings Report


Agent Direct Booking Report

The Agent Direct Booking report prints all bookings entered directly through the Agent Direct Module. Agents entering bookings through this module are able to log on to Rental Car Manager and see customized screens allowing direct entry of a booking for a specific vehicle. Fig. 200 shows a sample of an Agent Direct welcome screen.


Fig. 200. The Agent Direct Bookings Welcome Screen


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To Generate an Agent Direct Bookings Report


1. On the Reports menu, click the Monthly Financial Reports tab.


2. Click Agencies Commission Report, then click the Agent Direct Bookings Report tab.


3. On the Agent Direct Bookings Report Report Page (see Fig. 201):


A. By default, location is set to your default location. You may change the location, if needed.


B. By default, the report is set to compute commissions for all your agents. You may select a specific agent, if needed, and have the report compute the commission for the selected agent.


C. Select a region.


D. Booking date range is set to the current system date. You may change the date range, if needed.


Fig. 201. The Agent Direct Bookings Report Page


4. Click View to generate the report (see Fig. 202).


Fig. 202. The Agent Direct Bookings Report


NOTE: Table 42 shows descriptions of each column found on the Agent Direct Bookings Report.



Table 42. The Agent Direct Bookings Report Column Descriptions

Column Name



Reservation number

Date Booked

The date of the booking

Agent Name

The name of the agent


The pickup and dropoff dates for the booking, or the inclusive dates of the booking

Hirer Name

The name of the hirer

Commisionable Booking Value

The amount of the booking fees for which the agent can earn a commission

Commission (% or $)

The amount of the commission, in percentage or actual amount

Commission Value

The actual amount of the agent's commission

Agent Collected

The amount collected by the agent for the booking

Balance Owing

The balance still due from the customer

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This article details the Agent Direct Booking Report tab, where a report on all bookings entered directly through the Agent Direct Module is generated. The Agent Direct Booking Report screen allows you to view the Agent Direct Booking Report.

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