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2. Utilization by Region Report

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Utilization by Region Report

To Generate a Utilization by Region Report


Utilization By Region Report


The Utilization by Region report displays Utilization by category over a selected previous period by a single Region. Included in the report also are indicators of Average Days per Contract and Average Rate. Please note that the report cannot be run for a period of less than three days. We recommend that reporting periods be one month or more. 


The Utilization figure is arrived at by :


  • Calculating the Average Number of Vehicles (ANV) available over the reporting period   (must be more than 3 days, longer periods will produce more a more accurate average number)
  • Calculating the Total Days Available  (TDA) = ANV *  No. of days over the reporting period
  • Calculating the Total Days Rented (TDR) over the reporting period.
  • Utilization = TDR /  TDA.


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To Generate a Utilization By Region Report


1. On the Reports menu, click the Monthly Financial Reports tab.


2. Click Monthly Utilization Report, then click the Utilisation By Region Report tab.


3. On the Utilization By Region Report Page (see Fig. 213), enter the region where the vehicle is located, then the date range for the report.


Fig. 213. The Utilization By Region Report Page


4. Click View to generate the report (see Fig. 214).


Fig. 214. The Utilization By Region Report


Once generated, the report can then be printed.


NOTE: Table 46 shows descriptions of each column found on the Utilization By Region Report.



Table 46. The Utilization by Region Report Column Descriptions

Column Name



The vehicle category

Average No. of Vehicles

The average number of vehicles on fleet per category

No. of Contracts

Total number of contracts (hires) over the reporting period

Average Days Per Contract

Total Days Rented / No. of Contracts

Average Rate

Sum (Daily Rates) / No. of Contracts

Utilization Rate

Total Days Rented / Total Days Available * 100

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This article details the Utilization by Region Report tab, where a report that displays Utilization by category over a selected previous period by a single Region is generated. The Utilization by Region Report screen allows you to view the Utilization by Region Report.

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