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Agent Bookings in Rental Car Manager

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 Agent Bookings in Rental Car Manager

Rental Car Manager provides extensive functionality for those operators who take bookings from Agents.  

An Agent is considered to be a third party who takes a booking on behalf of a rental car operator and in doing so takes either a partial or a full payment from the customer. Note that this is different from a Referral who merely refers a booking to you and then expects a referral commission after the rental has been completed. 

The process of setting up Agents and then entering bookings received from these Agents is described fully below. As you process these bookings Rental Car Manager also provides you with the ability to track the amounts due or owing to an Agent.

We recommend you read the following topics all of which relate to handling bookings from Agents.

  1. Setting up your Agency Database
  2. Entering Bookings Received from Agents
  3. Reconciling your Agent balances using the Agent Commission Report
  4. Other settings that affect Agency Commission calculation

Documents for Agents.

After bookings have been entered for Agents there is a normally a requirement to send confirmations to the Agent showing the details of the booking made. 

These are typically in the form of a Confirmation and a Voucher.  

1. The confirmation is normally held by the Agent and includes details relating to the 
    commission paid and some sort of indication as to when any payments are due.

2. The Voucher on the other hand is normally passed on to the customer for them to retain and 
    hand to the rental car operator when the car is picked up. 

All these documents are normally highly customised and are produced in the layout required  when requested. Please ensure that you discuss your custom requirements with our consultant  so that we can ensure these documents are available. We can produce any layout required and even reproduce your current documentation if thats what is preferred. 

The Rental Car Manager Agent Web Module

The Rental Car Manager Agent Web Module is an optional module that makes working with Agents even more efficient !

The module allows Agents to connect to your Web Site and request bookings online. The Agents are identified online either by their IATA code or an assigned Branch Code.

The request is passed to Rental Car Manager in real time meaning that you receive your agent bookings instantly and with no additional keying is required.  A simple confirmation process allows the whole transaction to be finalised almost instantly.

If you would like to know more details about the Agent Web Module please contact your Rental Car Manager consultant.