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Entering Bookings Received from Agents

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Entering bookings received from agents

1. Selecting the agent from the reservation form

2. Confirming the agents discounts if applied

3. Confirming the agents commission and amount taken

4. Reviewing the booking

5. Keeping track of how much agents owe you

Entering bookings from agents

Entering bookings from Agents involves selecting the Agent from the Reservation form and then deciding what commission is applicable and how much money the Agent received from the customer.

Lets look at an example of taking an Agent booking.

1. Selecting the agent from the reservation form.
When an Agent booking is received, either allocated or unallocated, the Agent must be selected from the Reservation forms Agency drop-down list.

As you can see from the above screen shot the user has selected APRAC as an Agent and entered the Agents name and email address. Once this has been entered the system recognizes the booking as being from this particular agent.

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2. Confirming the agents discount if applied
Click on submit after selecting the Agent. The Reservations Rates and Extras screen will appear. 

As you can see from the screen shot above the APRAC discount has been selected. See the examples in the Agency Database help section for more details on Agency Discounts. You may change this if required. Note that when maintaining existing bookings the Agency Discount will not be reapplied - only new bookings will attract the Agency Discount rates.

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3. Confirming the agents commission and amount taken.
Click on submit after confirming the Agency Discount. The Reservations Summary Payments and Tender Screen will appear. 

Let review the entries made on this screen. 

1. The Agent Commission field has been defaulted to a value of 7% commission. The 7% commission has been calculated on the daily rate less 7.5% Agency Discount for a total of 8 Days.

2. The operator has entered into the 'Agent Collected' field a value of $139.49. This represents the total value of the booking. Obviously the Agent may take an amount only equal to the value of the commission or perhaps even no money at all. The important point here is to ensure that what is entered into this field is the actual money taken by the Agent.

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4. Reviewing the Booking.
Lets now review the booking and see the results of the selecting the Agent and entering the amount taken by the Agent.

1. The first thing to notice is that the balance due for the booking is now $0.00.  This is
    because in this example the Agent received the full value of the booking. If the Agent had
    only taken the commission due then there would have been a balance owing of $129.73 
    ($139.49 less $9.76)

2. The booking summary shows in the Payment Details an entry of 'Agent Collected 
    10 October 2016 '$139.49'

3. The booking summary also shows a breakdown of the Agent commission and 
    discount applied.

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5. Keeping Track of how much Agents owe you!

Obviously with Agents taking money for bookings you need to keep track of how much money an Agent owes (or you owe them). These balances are tracked in the Agent Commission Report. This Report allows you to make receipts and issue payments to Agents and ensure that outstanding balances are reported on easily.

Please refer to the Agent Commissions Report help for more details.

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