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Agency Commissions Report

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Agency Commissions Report

Running the Agency Commission Report

Agency Commission Report Selection Options

Agency Commission Report Layout

Agency Commission Receipts and Payments

Agency Commission Report

The Agency Commission Report displays Agent Commissions for selected Locations, Agencies and Date Pickup ranges. 
In addition to providing a reporting function it also provides the ability to record receipts and payments from and to Agents. This additional functionality allows you to keep an accurate record of Agent balances.

Running the Agency Commission Report.

Go to the Reports Menu and click on the Financial Reports Tab then select the Agencies Commission Report by clicking on the icon.

Agency Commission Report Selection Options.

The Agency Commission Report allows you to select the Location, Agency, and pickup date reporting range. Beside these options are two buttons. The 'View' button runs the report while the 'Printer Icon' allows you to generate a printer friendly report for easy printing from your Browser.

Agency Commission Report Layout

The Agency Commission Report layout consists a list of Reservation Numbers, Agency Names, Agency Branch, Commissionable Booking Value, Commission Value, Agent Collected Amount, Balance Owing and a Button to process a receipt or a payment. 

Note : The Commissionable Booking Value is based on the daily rate but also takes into account any Extra Fees that are marked to be included in the commission calculation  Also affecting the commission calculation is the System Parameter that controls whether commission includes sales tax.

Agency Commission Receipts and Payments

If the balance owing for a bookings commission is not $0.00 then a button will appear indicating whether a Payment or a Receipt is required to reduce the balance. For amounts that are owed to the Agent the balance also appears in red.

Using the example above if the 'Receipt' button is clicked a Commission Receipt screen will appear.

The Billing Location, Payment, Reference#, Tender Type and Amount are displayed. 

The Amount will automatically be defaulted to the amount due from the Agent. You may override this if the amount being received is a partial payment.  

As this is a receipt you should choose the Tender Type and if possible key a reference number. This receipt will appear on the Daily Receipts Report.

To confirm the Receipt click on the Submit button. A confirmation screen will appear to say the Receipt has been processed. Now click on the Agencies Commission Report Tab again and the report will be redisplayed showing the receipt and new balance.

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