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Agent Locations

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Agent Locations

Setting parameters for an Agent Location

Agent Locations field descriptions

 Agent Locations

The Agent Locations page allows you to set whether agents are able to make bookings from certain locations. 

The following parameters can be set up on the Agent Locations page:


  • Agent Available
  • Minimum Booking Day
  • No. of Days Notice Required


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Setting parameters for an Agent Location

To set the parameters for an Agent Location first navigate to the Agent Location page (Agent Bookings Setup > Agent Locations) (see Fig. 1).


Fig. 1. The Agent Bookings Setup menu


To edit the parameters for a certain location click the highlighted Location (see Fig. 2).


Fig. 2. Click a Location to edit its parameters


On the Agent Direct/Web service Location Update page you may edit the parameters for the selected location (see Fig. 3). To see descriptions for each parameter view Table 1.


Fig. 3. Edit the Agent Locations parameters


Once you have set the parameters for a Agent Location click "Submit" to save the changes, these changes will be reflected in the Agent Locations table (see Fig. 4).


Fig. 4. Updated Agent Locations table

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Table 1. Agent Locations Field Descriptions



Agent Available

Allows you to specify if this location is available for Agents.

Minimum Booking Day

Set the minimum number of days for a booking from this location

No. of Days Notice Required

Set the number of days notice required for agent bookings. For example if the days notice is 2 then the pickup date must be in 2 days time or later.

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