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Image upload manager

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Manage images

Edit images

Manage images

The image upload manager gives you greater control over your images in Rental Car Manager. To access the image manager click "Vehicle Maintenance" then "Manage Images". 

To upload an image click the "Upload" button, this will show the Upload Images page (see Fig. 1).

Fig. 1. Upload an image

Note that if you cannot see the Upload button it is likely disabled in admin System Parameters. To enable uploading functionality enable the the AllowUpload flag in System Parameters, for more info on System Parameters see the Knowledge Base article. Also note that only Head Office Users may update this System Parameter. 

From this page you can click "BROWSE" to open a file browser where you can then select the images you wish to upload. Alternatively you may drag and drop images into the DROP HERE section. Below the DROP HERE section is a line showing the folder that the image will be uploaded to. 

Any newly uploaded images will show a green image icon next to them to signify them as a new image. 

Note that when uploading images any spaces within the image name will be automatically replaced with an underscore.

To delete images select the images you wish to delete by checking the checkboxes next to the images. Then click Delete to delete the selected images (see Fig. 2). 

Fig. 2. Delete images

This will display a confirmation message asking whether you want to delete the selected images, select yes if you wish to delete the images. 

There is also a restriction on the total size of all images, this size limit is managed from the Admin System Parameters page and can only be changed by a Head Office User. On the Image Manager page there is a section that shows the Free Space remaining (see Fig. 3).

Fig. 3. Free space indicator

The free space indicator will also change colour depending on the free space remaining. 

  • Green means you have an acceptable amount of free space
  • Orange means you are getting close to reaching the max size and you should delete any unused images
  • Red means you have reached the max size limit and you need to either increase the max size or delete unused images. Note that you will not be able to upload additional images while the free space indicated is in the red region.

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Edit images

The image upload manager also incorporates a basic image editor (see Fig. 4).

Fig. 4. Image editor

Each function of the editor is shown below:

  • Save - saves any changes made to the image, will overwrite the original image.
  • Save as - save the edited image as a new image, original image will remain unedited.
  • Undo all - undoes all edits done to the image in the current editing session.  
  • Left - rotates the image left (counter clockwise).
  • Right - rotates the image right (clockwise).
  • Horizontal - flips the image horizontally. 
  • Vertical - flips the image vertically.
  • Crop - allows you to select an area of the image that will represent the new image, that is anything not within the selected area will be removed from the image.
  • Scale down - resizes the image to a percentage of the original image.

If an image is being edited, it's icon will be orange in colour to signify that it is being edited.