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Configuring the Agent Web Service for use with Rental Car Manager

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Agent Web Service overview

The Agent Web Service allows agents to make unallocated bookings to your Rental Car Manager system directly from their web sites or portals. To enable this service you must configure RCM to allow the agent to use the service and also provide to the Agent with your company key and their Agency Code (see step 4 below).

Configuring Rental Car Manager to accept an agent's bookings

1. Click on the System Setup menu and then click on the 'Agencies' icon.

2. Select the Agent you wish to provide access for and edit the record. Update the option 'Web Service Available' to 'Yes'. Click on the 'Submit' button to confirm the update.

3. After updating the 'Web Service Available' flag and clicking on the 'Submit' button to confirm the change (step 2 above) the Agent List screen will be displayed. Click on the Agent Branch button on the right of the screen (see below).

4. The Agents branch record is now displayed (see below). The "Branch Code" along with your company key is used to securely identify any requests from an Agent making a booking. Take a note of the Branch Code as you will need to provide this to the agent.  

5. Now click on the "Agent Bookings Setup" menu and select the Agent Categories icon (see below). This option allows you to control which categories of vehicles are available to your Agent.

6. From the list of categories displayed update the option 'Web Service Available' to 'Yes' if you wish your Agents to be able to book these vehicles (see below). To update the Web Service Available option click the Category name of the vehicle category and tick either Yes or No for the Agent Available field. 

7. After updating the 'Web Service Available' flag click on the 'Web Service Category Availability' menu tab (see image below). This page lets you further define the category availability based on the following

  • Pickup and Dropoff locations
  • Availability Status which can be one of three options: 
    • Available for booking (free sale)
    • Might be available (place a request)
    • Not available
  • Minimum booking days
  • Pickup Date Date and Pickup Date End

NOTE: You must add a record on this page for each location and class of vehicle you wish to make available to the Agent. 

8. Finally check also that you have set up rates for each category of vehicle you wish to sell via the agent web service. If specific agent rates have not been set-up then standard rack rates will be used (see standard rack rate page below). To get to the Rates By Season page click the System Setup menu then the Rates submenu.

Providing your Agent with the information required to send unallocated bookings directly to your Rental Car Manager System

You must provide each agent with their Agent key and Branch Code so they can access the Agent Web Service.

To obtain the Agent Key follow the steps below:

  1. Contact RCM Support (, let us know the Agent you want to have access and the domain their requests will be coming from.
  2. RCM Support will provide you with a key for the Agent.
  3. Send the key and a link to the Agent API v3 Methods KB article for creating the Agent site to the Agent.