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E-Signature Report

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The E-Signature report allows you to view reservations that use e-signatures. You can see bookings that have an e-signature saved against it, require a new signature or have had a signature invitation sent to the customer.

Accessing the Report 

To open the E-Signature Report follow the steps below.

Reports > Daily Activity Reports > E-Signature Report


The table below describes the parameters that can be changed when running the E-Signature Report.


Select a location to view bookings with a matching pickup location

Pickup Date

Show bookings with a pickup date within the selected range


Search by registration number

Res#/ Ref#/ CustID

Search by reservation number, reference number or customer ID


The image below shows an example of the E-Signature Report after it’s been run.


The table below describes each of the fields shown in the E-Signature Report.


The reservation number


The reservation status (e.g. reservation, hired, returned etc)


The customer’s name


The vehicle category, model and registration number

Signed for Rego

The registration of the vehicle that the customer signed for

Pickup Location

The pickup location for the booking

Pickup Date Time

The pickup date and time for the booking

Signature Invited

The date and time the invitation to sign was sent to the customer

Date Signed

The date and time the signature was collected

Points to Note

Bookings highlighted in green currently have a signature recorded against them. Bookings in orange previously had a signature saved against it but have had the vehicle changed and require a new signature. Bookings in white have had a signature invitation sent to the customer.


Click Here for details on how to print or export a report from RCM.

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