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Sales vs Budget Details

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Sales vs Budget

The Sales vs Budget report allows you to view your budget, revenue and the percentage difference between the two. 

It generates a report for a number of date ranges based on the contract dates you selected, selected locations or regions and selected vehicle categories.

Using a selected date range of 20/Nov/2016 to 23/Nov/2016;

  • MTD - Only the date range you define; 20/Nov/2016 to 23/Nov/2016.
  • LYMTD - The date range you define however the start date begins from the previous year; 20/Nov/2015 to 23/Nov/2016
  • YTD - Beginning of the year to the end of the defined date range; 1/Jan/2016 to 23/Nov/2016.
  • LYTD - The date range defined but from the previous year; 20/Nov/2015 to 23/Nov/2015.

Viewing Sales vs Budget Details

To open the Sales vs Budget Details page click the Reports menu, Hireage and Sales Reports tab then Sales vs Budget (see Fig. 1).

Figure 1. Navigating to the Sales vs Budget page

By default this should open the Sales vs Budget Details tab, from this page you can select the location, region, vehicle category and contract date range you want to view the Sales vs Budget data for (see Fig. 2).

Figure 2. Select criteria for Sales vs Budget Details

Once a Sales vs Budget report has been generated you have the option to print the report or export the report to Excel (see Fig. 3). 

Figure 3. Print or export report