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RCM Homepage Dashboard

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RCM Home Page Dashboard

When you first log into Rental Car Manager (RCM), you are presented with the Home Page Dashboard. You can also access this page at any time by clicking on the Home link at the very top of the RCM screen.

This Home Page Dashboard displays the following information:

1.       Login History – This will display the user who is currently logged into this RCM session. It will also show the login details for the last time they logged in as well as when their current login occurred.

2.       Quick Menu – Quick access to the most commonly used screens within RCM.

3.       Message Board – This allows you to view any current messages as well as add new messages you can also edit current ones.

4.       To Do List – This will show the items on your To Do List. You are also able to add new items and list all of the To Do Items from here.

5.       Registration Expiry List – A listing of any vehicles that are due or overdue for their registration renewal. You are also able to access the Registration/Inspection update screen from here.

6.       Daily Activity – This section will list the number of pickups and drop offs that still have to occur today. They are displayed as a line chart broken into hourly intervals. As vehicles are either Hired or Returned, they will drop off this list.

7.       Maintenance that is due to be carried out on vehicles will also be displayed. If you click on the vehicle in question, you will be taken to the Vehicle Update page.

8.       Sales Summary charts for both Month to Date and Year to Date. The charts both compare this year to the same time last year.
Head Office and Location Operators will not see this option.

9.       Fleet Utilisation graph shows the current utilisation rate for your fleet. You are able to restrict this to a particular location and/or vehicle category.

10.   Home page link in menu.

You are able to customise your view of the dashboard by either collapsing the windows or changing the banner colours for each one. The image below show where you can do both of these actions.