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Upgrading from V2 to V3 of Agent API

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Upgrading from V2 to V3 of Agent API

A newer version of the Agent API is now available.  This is available to all agents, and we are encouraging existing agencies to upgrade as soon as practicable.  We have an increasing number of agents now using V3 and the response has been extremely positive.

Note that if you are currently developing using V2 of our API please take the time to review the information below as moving to V3 may reduce development times and or complexities.

After 31st March 2018 we will not be providing support for Agent API V2, this includes both email and phone support. Access to Agent API V2 will be removed or restricted after 30th September 2018.

Agent API V3 has many benefits over the older version, including:

·         A more streamlined booking process which gives greater control and flexibility to Agents over how to present vehicle and rates data. (JSON datasets are returned)

·         Additional data for extended vehicle and depot information including office hours, public holidays, and daily detailed rate breakdowns.

·          A listing of the bookings for an Agent.

·         Editing of existing bookings and cancellations.

·         Faster, more efficient and better able to scale up to large volumes of traffic

·         Easier and less time-consuming implementations for third party developers

·         Integration with advanced revenue management features


Agent API V2
Below is a listing of the methods that are available in V2 and a brief description. As you would already know, they have to be called in a certain order to successfully submit a booking through this version of the Agent API; they are listed in that order below.

V2 Method Name

Description of V2 Method

Matching V3 Method


Returns the available pickup and drop off locations and the category types of vehicles available. 



Returns the available vehicle categories according to the category type selected in the previous method. 



Returns Returned Agent Booking details



Returns Agent Booking details.



Confirms the vehicle category required. 



Returns a list of all extra fees available for the vehicle category. 



Confirms if insurance fees are selected.  



Confirms the extra fees selected.  



Returns the final total estimate of the price that customer needs to pay, after adding the different extras.  



Returns country identifiers to be used when posting the customer information.



Confirms the booking/quote and post customer details.  Returns either a successful booking/quote status
or failure.



 Returns Company Contacts details.



 Returns location details using locationID.



 Cancels Agent booking using reservationID



 Returns a list of cancellation reasons which need to be used with the confirmAgentBookingCancellation method.



Returns a list of Rental Sources from RCM.



Used to set certain fields on the booking that aren't part of the general booking call.  For example, "RentalSource". Must be called before confirmVehicleBooking.  



Agent API V3

With the RCM API, as well as retrieving location, vehicle category information and also making booking requests, Agents can also (for their specific agent bookings only):

·         Edit bookings

·         Get a list of bookings

·         Cancel bookings


To get started, please contact to ask for access to the RCM Development Sandbox area.  

The Sandbox Area will give you access to your API credentials, provide sample code, allow you to download the developers guide documentation, and execute tests against the live system as well as our test area.

To make a booking through the API, you need use the following process:

1.       Get the locations and vehicle categories

2.       Get the available vehicles and rates for the selected date range, driver age and vehicle category

3.       Select a vehicle and get fees & insurances

4.       Submit a booking or quote

It is important that you follow this process in the order mentioned above. You can’t just assume that all locations or categories have been made available by the rental car company for online bookings.

Below is a listing of the methods for V3 of the Agent API, as you can see there are a lot less than V2.

Method Name



Returns important information in order to start the booking process, including renting locations, office times, information about vehicle categories, holidays etc.


Returns a listing of vehicles categories for the locations and date ranges entered.

The listing will contain the rental rates, availability of the vehicle category and any mandatory fees.


Returns information about the vehicle category that has been selected, including any mandatory fees. Optional fees, insurance options, Kms charges that can be applied to the booking are also returned.

A booking total is also displayed. 


All of the necessary information about the booking is passed in and the booking/quote is saved.


Once a booking has been made, you can use the bookinginfo method to get all of the finalised information about the booking in one call.


Once the booking has been made, you can call this method to make adjustments to details such as optional extras, insurance options and user information.


Before you invoke the cancelbooking method, you need to get the list of possible reasons for the cancellation by calling the cancelreasons method.


Bookings can be cancelled by calling the cancelbooking API method. You will need to use one of the cancelreasons from the cancelReasons method.


Agents can get a list of bookings that have been made by calling the agentbookings method.

There are three options for calling the agentbookings method, depending on how you want to filter the results.

·         Information for a specific reservation.

·         Reservations within a specified date range.

·         Reservations within a specified date range and with a specified booking status.