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3. Nett Operating Control Report

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The Nett Operating Control Report shows the nett total earnings and gross daily dollar average per vehicle grouped by vehicle category. This is useful for viewing total earnings per vehicle/ category minus GST and commissions.  

The gross daily dollar average is computed by dividing the nett total earning by days rented.

Accessing the Report 

To open the Nett Operating Control Report follow the steps below.

Reports > Monthly Financial Reports > Operating Control Report > Nett Operating Control Report


The table below describes the parameters which can be changed when running the Nett Operating Control Report.

Pickup Location

Only include earnings from reservations with the selected pickup location

Date range

Include earnings from reservations with a pickup date within the selected date range


The image below shows an example of the Nett Operating Control Report after it’s been run.


The table below describes each of the fields shown in the Nett Operating Control Report.


The vehicle category


The vehicle’s model, registration number and fleet number if assigned

No. Days Rented

The number of days the vehicle was hired for over the selected period

No. of Contracts

The number of contracts on the vehicle over the selected period, e.g. if the vehicle was hired 4 times the number of contracts would be 4

GST and Commission

The total GST and commissions paid on bookings over the selected period

Nett Total Earning

The total earning minus the GST and Commission

Percentage of Total

The nett total earning as a percentage of the total nett total earning

DDA Gross

The gross daily dollar average (nett total earning ÷ days rented)

Points to Note

The nett total earning excludes recovered expenses, bonds, sales tax and agent commissions.


Click Here for details on how to print or export a report from RCM.

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