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4. Operating Control By Res

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The Operating By Res report is similar in functionality to the standard Operating Control Report with the difference being that this report focuses on individual reservations rather than vehicles.

The report shows a breakdown of the revenue generated per reservation grouped by vehicle category. This gives you an overview of the revenue generated by each reservation and vehicle category for a selected date range, location, region, brand and category type. The Operating Control By Res report also shows daily averages for the selected period, for example net daily average and gross daily average. It also shows the net daily dollar average per vehicle category as well as the gross daily dollar average.

The net daily dollar average is computed by dividing the rental revenue over the number of days hired while the gross daily dollar average is computed by dividing the total rental revenue over the number of days hired.

Accessing the Report 

To access the Operating Control By Res report follow the steps below.

Reports > Monthly Financial Reports > Operating Control Report > Operating Control By Res


The table below describes the parameters which can be changed when running the Operating Control By Res report.

Pickup Location/ Region

Select a pickup location or region, if a region is selected it will overwrite the selected location


Select a brand to generate the report for

Vehicle Category Type

Only generate the report for reservations of the selected vehicle category type

Date Range

Select a date range to run the report over


The image below shows an example of the Operating Control By Res report after it’s been run.


The table below describes each of the fields shown in the Operating Control By Res report.


The reservation number


The vehicle category


The vehicle registration number/ fleet number/ model

No. Days Rented

The length of the reservation in days

No. Days Insurance Sold

Number of days where insurance has been sold for the reservation

Rental Revenue

Revenue generated by the rental (daily rate multiplied by days hired), excludes insurance, extras etc

Insurance Revenue

Revenue generated by insurance

Extras Revenue

Revenue generated by extra fees

Total Revenue

The total revenue generated (rental revenue + insurance revenue + extras revenue)

DDA Nett

Daily Dollar Average Nett (rental revenue / days rented)

DDA Insurance

Daily Dollar Average Insurance (insurance revenue / days rented)

DDA Gross

Daily Dollar Average Gross (total revenue / days rented)


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