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Updating a Reservation

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Updating a Reservation

Updating a reservation is a similar process to adding a reservation, whether it’s a quote, booking or unallocated booking. The type of reservation you are updating (booking, unallocated or quotation), reservation number and the name of the primary driver will be clearly shown in the header of the booking module.

The booking module behaviour in terms of mandatory fields, customer searching, selecting vehicles and other features is the same as when adding a reservation. For more details see the following KB article: Adding a Reservation

Note that if a booking is being updated or allocated then the vehicle selection section will appear at the top of the page rather than the bottom.

As it is an existing reservation that is being updated you can go to any page and update details on that page at any time rather than progressing through each step/ tab in order.

Once any changes have been made you can click “Submit” in the top right of the screen to save the changes or open the Booking Payments/ Booking Documents tab to automatically save the changes.