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Live Availability Check for Online Bookings

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Live Availability Check

If you are using the Web or Agent Booking Module to allow customers to request bookings, you can setup the availability of the various vehicle categories under both the Web and Agent Category Availability screens. This is not real-time availability based on the utilisation of the vehicles within your fleet.

This is the default behaviour of both the Web and Agent booking modules. If you wish to base the availability of your categories on the utilisation of the fleet, then you can do this using the Stop Sale screen within RCM.

Note : This function will not be applied to bookings that are greater than 40 days in length. 

Setting up Live Availability

If you would like to start using the Live Availability function, then you will need to contact RCM Support (

After RCM Support have enabled access to this function, you will have a new item in your Web Site Interface menu, please see the image below. The new item will be called “Stop Sale”

The image below shows the Stop Sale screen. From this screen you can add, modify and delete any stop sale records.

You can see at the bottom of the screen there are some notes about how this functionality works.

To add a new record, simply click on the “Add Stop Sale” link at the top of the screen. When you do this, you will see the screen shown below. This is also the same screen used when you modify an existing Stop Sale record.

You can see that you are able to restrict the record to a combination of Location and Vehicle Category. You are also able to specify if the record applies to either web or agent bookings, or to both of them.


How the Stop Sale records are Applied to Online Booking Requests

It is important to note that Stop Sale records will only be checked if an Available record is found for the booking request on the Web/Agent Category Available screen.

If either a Might be Available or Unavailable record is found, then the Stop Sale records will not be checked.

If a Stop Sale record is found that matches the booking’s Location and Category, then a check will be done to determine the utilisation rate for the relevant Vehicle Category for the Location, Category and Booking Date of the booking request. This check will return a utilisation percentage. This check uses the current location of the vehicles at the time of the booking to determine the utilisation rate.

This utilisation percentage will be compared to the relevant Stop Sale record.

The availability status for the booking will be determined in the following manner:

  • If the utilisation percentage falls below the “On Request Percentage”, then the availability status will be “Available”
  • If the utilisation percentage falls between the “On Request Percentage” and the “Stop Sale Percentage” then the availability status will be “On Request”.
  • If the utilisation percentage falls above the “Stop Sale Percentage” then the availability status will be “Not Available”.

The image below explains this with a sample Stop Sale record.