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Custom Data Fields

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Custom Data Fields


Within RCM you are able to setup Custom Data fields for Vehicle Categories, Extra Fees, and Locations.  These fields are included in information returned through both the Web and Agent API for these three areas.

Your Web Developer is able to use the information passed back to customise your web booking module. Some examples of what you might use this for are as follow:

  •          You can set a specific order for Vehicle Categories, Extra Fees or Locations to appear in.
  •          With the Extra fees, you can add a field for minimum age. Your Web Developer can then choose which extra fees to display based on the age of the person making the booking request.
  •         You could also add a minimum booking day to extra fees and only display them if the length of the booking exceeds this.
  •          If you are utilising the Post Booking API, you can mark some of the extra fees as only being available in the Post Booking phase, i.e., in the convert a quote to booking or pre-checkin phase.

The above are just a few examples of what you might be able to do. This function allows you great flexibility when developing your Web Booking Module.

Creating the Custom Data Fields

To create new Custom Data fields you simply go to the System Setup menu and select the Custom Data Fields option, shown in the image below.

You can add a new Custom Data field by choosing the Add Custom Data Fields option shown below.

Below you can see that you need to pick the Group, this is either Vehicle, Extra Fee or Location. The Field Name is also mandatory. You can choose to put a description in here as well.

Below you can see that a Custom Data Field called Test was created and assigned to Vehicle Categories.

Applying the Custom Data Fields

Once you have created the Custom Data Field you can choose to add it to either Vehicles, Locations, or Extra Fees and add the relevant information.

You can add this from either the Web Locations, Web Extra Fees, or Web Vehicle Categories screens which are all available under the Web Site Interface menu.

You can see below if you wish to update the Vehicle Category you simply choose the Web Vehicles category option and then click on the Vehicle Category you wish to add the new field to.

Once you click on the Edit Fields option shown above, you will see the screen shown below.

From this screen you have two options:

  1. Add a value for a Custom Field you have already created, in this case it was the Test field created above, or
  2. You can create a new Custom Field and also assign it and apply a value to the Vehicle Category in the one place.