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Quote Management

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The Quote management function improves and streamlines the handling of the Quote Management process. It tracks the history of all Quotes, and makes it simple to assign staff to tasks as part of the follow up process. The primary purpose of this function is to assist in increasing the Quote conversion rate.

The Quote management function can be found under the reservations tab. See Fig. 1


The screenshot below shows all the options that can be selected to search for a set of quotes or for a particular quote. See the Fig. 2

  1. Locations - Setting the option to all locations will run all the quotes generated (depending on what other parameters you have set) in every location you have set up. Alternatively, to find quotes for a specific location, select the drop down bar and click on the desired location you have set up.
  2. Brand - Setting the option to all brands will run all the quotes generated (depending on what other parameters you have set). For a more detailed report, select the brand that has been selected in the original quotation. 
  3. Date Entered - This is when the quotation was originally created. You can adjust the dates accordingly.
  4. Include Cancelled Quotations - Click on the box to include cancelled quotations. 
  5. Category - Setting the option to all category will run all the quotes generated for every vehicle category (depending on what other parameters you have set).
  6. Status - This is the status of the quote, for example - You can select "emailed" on the drop down list, meaning the quotes on the report have been emailed.
  7. Order by can be selected by one of the following options - "Date Entered", "Booking Total", "Category". "Entered By", "Pickup Date", "Quote".
  8. Alternatively, you can search for a specific quote by entering the quote/reference number. Other options on the same drop down are search by "Last name", "Email", or "Company". When selecting what option, type in the necessary details in the blank text box next to the drop down list.
  9. Click "View" to run the report.

Quote Management 

Below is the quote management report after putting in the parameters and selecting view. See Fig. 3 (Note - Parameters/ details are the same as the above screenshot)


  1. Quote - Clicking on the quote in red will take you directly to the quotation booking details. Under here you can view everything about the quote, as well as updating it and printing a summary.
  2. Update Status- Selecting status update will give you the option to do numerous things. - Update the status of the quote - eg - Customer was Emailed, called etc. - Another feature on the Update Status screen is that you can cancel the quote.
  3. Add notes - This gives you the option to add notes to the quote.
  4. Update Quote - Clicking on "Update" will take you to the original quote that was created. You can then update it.
  5. Email Quote - This will take you to a separate tab. You can print the quotation. You can also email the customer the quotation as well as cc other people in such as an agency associated with the quote.
  6. Convert to Unallocated - This simply turns the quotation into an unallocated booking
  7. Release Quote - This essentially goes one step further than an unallocated booking, and makes you allocate a vehicle. It is essentially like allocating a reservation This then "releases" the quote into a reservation. You be able to see this if you then go to "Reservation Enquiry and Update"  under reservations.
  8. Change Customer - This allows you to change the quotation under another customer's name.
  9. Cancel - Clicking the red "x" button will prompt you if you wish to cancel the reservation.


Click Here for details on how to print or export a report from RCM.