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4. Youngest Driver

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The Youngest Driver feature can be used to ensure that the minimum age for each Vehicle Category is met, and that the appropriate Insurance options are provided (as these are age-based).

This feature can be found under System Setup > Rental Source > Youngest Driver. 

You will then be taken to this screen. See Fig. 1

Note : The default age is set to 26+ Years and that will be reciprocated when making a booking/reservation as the default Youngest Driver Age. See Fig. 2 

Add a Youngest Driver Record 

Click on "Add Youngest Driver" to add a new record. The screenshot below is the screen you will be taken to. Enter in the details - Youngest Driver age and select submit to save the record.

Notes : Selecting the display as default option means this will become the default Youngest Driver age that comes up when making a booking/reservation. See Fig.2 

Edit/Update a Record 

  • To edit or update a record, simply click on the youngest driver age in red you wish to change. See Point 1
  • To delete a record, click the red rubbish bin icon. See Point 2. You will then be prompted if you wish to delete the record. Select "Yes" to delete or "Cancel" if you don't.