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Quote statuses are used to give an update on the current status of a quotation that's been created. This function is used so staff can see when looking at a quotation, if that particular quote has or needs any following up. It can assist in increasing the quote conversion rate but primarily helps keep quotes up to do date with it's current status.

To access this feature, go to System Setup > Quote Statuses

Adding, Updating and Deleting Quote Statuses

Below is a list of quote statuses that have been created to update the status of a quotation. See Fig. 1 

1 - Select "Add Quote Statuses" to add a new record. Enter in the quote status name and click submit to save. 

2 - Updating a Quote Status is exactly the same process as adding a new one. Click on the Quote Status you wish to edit in red. 

3- To delete a record, click on the red rubbish bin icon.

It is key to note that you can make a quote status to be the default option when looking at or updating a quotation. This is done by adding a new record or editing/updating a record as shown in Fig. 1 and then you will be taken to the screen below. Select "Yes" next to Default Item. Click Submit to save your changes. See Fig. 2

The screenshot below is where the quote status drop down list is located when updating or checking on a quotation. (Under Booking Details). See Fig. 3

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