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Allowing Rental Car Company to Use Their Own Email Servers

Reference Number: AA-01197 Views: 1106 Created: 2019-08-09 14:47 Last Updated: 2019-08-09 15:01 25 Rating/ 2 Voters


Since June 2019 we have noticed that more and more emails are being incorrectly blocked as Spam by the larger email providers (like Gmail).

The emails being sent out of RCM using RCM’s email server are now more likely to be incorrectly blocked as Spam and end up in the Spam folder in your customer’s email accounts.

We have implemented a change in our system which will allow you to setup the details for your own email server and then any emails sent from RCM will be sent using your email server rather than ours. Our customers who have switched over to use this do not seem to be having this issue any more.

Another advantage of this new function it that the emails are also then in your Sent Items folder. This way you have a trail of the emails that you have sent from RCM.

Accessing the Email Servers Screen

You can access the Email Servers screen under the System Setup menu, please see the image below.

If you do not have this option on your menus contact RCM Support (

Setting up Email Server

If you are sending emails from RCM using more than one email address, i.e., you are using your location email address rather than your company one, you will have to create a record for each email address being used.

You can create the new record by clicking on the Add Email Servers link shown in the image below marked with a 1.

You may need to contact your Email Provider in order to obtain the correct SMTP settings for your email account.  In most cases the Help section on their website will contain these settings. See the Notes on the screen shot below for more assistance.

Once you have setup the record and sent a test email to make sure it all works, you can turn the feature on by clicking on the Turn On button shown in the image below marked with a 2.

If you need any information about either a Gmail or Outlook server including how to allow your Gmail account to allow less secure apps to use your email server, you can access it using the links shown in the image below marked with a 3.

Once you have clicked on the “Add Email Server” link you can enter your details in the screen shown below. All of the fields are mandatory.

You will need to save the information before you can send a test email.

Once you have saved the information, if you edit the information, you should be able to see a Send Test Email button down the bottom of the screen, please see the image shown below.

We recommend that you send a test email for each of the records you setup before you turn this feature on.